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About Us

blue lab vapors, fred jeffrey, daniel jeffreyBlue Lab Vapors was founded in 2013 by a father-son duo. Fred Jeffery had been a smoker for well over 30 years and he found success in quitting through vaping.

Fred’s son, Daniel, noticed that his e-liquid said “Made in China”, this startled them both.  After ordering some ingredients online, along with much trial and error, Daniel had made a great tasting all-american e-liquid. Fred filled his atomizer with the new e-liquid and immediately said “We need to sell this”. This was the birth of Blue Lab Vapors.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people across the globe switch to vaping. We are incredibly grateful of the support our customers have given to us.

Thank you,
Fred and Daniel Jeffery

The Brains of the Operation, Daniel Jeffery

When this kid was just little, I decided to push him in the direction his interest fell instead of pushing my interest off on him. The first hint came when my sister sent us a book of how things work. That book quickly became his night time reading choice. When, at the age of 3, my brother came to visit us. After a few day into his visit, my brother stated that he didn’t think Daniel liked him much. I told him to stop talking to Daniel like he was a small child and talk to him on an adult level. They hit it off after that.Daniel was encouraged to take karate, which he did. He was played baseball for a few seasons and could whack a ball clear to the fence but he had no personal interest in that. So I never forced him into that.

At the age of 10 our family adopted a 12 year old girl from Russia. Daniel made it the first trip over there. On our way back we spent a weekend in Amsterdam. Arriving late to the hotel with no food close by we decided to go to the bar for some good food. The bar was empty except for 6 engineers working for Microsoft from all parts of Europe. This was the first anniversary of the war on Iraq. As we engaged in conversation, the debate got a little heated. I decided to chill and just eat. Daniel was fully engaged in the debate and clearly made indisputable points. The only thing these guys had left was to accuse me of brainwashing this child. Truth be told, I have no idea where he got half of the facts and figures he produced. I made a mental note to never slight him to one side or the other but to encourage him to research and make up his own mind.

A very short while after that, his class was informed that they were going to watch a movie made by Al Gore. Daniel asked me what all the fuss was about. I remembered the Amsterdam incident and told him the viewpoints on both sides, the propaganda of both sides and where to look for research on both sides. Not to long after that I received an education on carbon, the history of carbon in the atmosphere, pollution effects and nature. He had fully researched the subject and came to his own conclusions. I was a very scientific approach. One in which he was very interested in.

At the ages of 14 or 15, I would come home from work and he would be emailing or on the phone with someone. I always ask who that was or who he was conversing with. It was always some esteemed college professor, a lawyer or someone who is outstanding in their profession. For instance, his class was studying crystals. I find out he is emailing back and forth with a professor in London who supposed to be having some research breakthrough. He engaged Daniel in several days of conversation. At 15, he started developing an automotive safety device and filed a patent himself. During which time he spoke and communicated to lawyers, more professors and professional C level executives. Each time I would ask if he shared his age. Each time I got a funny look and was asked back..”What for?”.

All through high school I encouraged and provoked him to set aspirations for college. It was a monumental battle. All the while I was told that the time spent in college would be robbing him of opportunities to invent, help people live better lives and change the word. I was told it would put him 4 to 8 years behind in his life. I finally gave up.

He has a past of working with rescue horses. Working with high end valuable race horses, selling some nice artwork, teaching in church to adults. Today he holds 3 patents and is engaged in talks with lead product developers at Ford Motors.Maybe will will see his invention saving lives one day soon enough. There are already plans for a totally new type of infant car seat. He is president of 2 other companies and has dreams of producing algae on a massive scale for fuel among other things. Watch out Richard Branson.

In my quest for a healthier vape, Daniel took the reigns and produced something so wonderfully good besides being all natural and organic and pure, I knew we had to sell it. It is only the beginning. If what we are in discussions about becomes a reality, we are in for a ride.

At night you can find him planning and building a full scale clean-room lab with equipment whose names I cannot even pronounce and developing machinery and electronics to validate and produce even better e-liquids. Just today he was on the phone with a head chemist who is in charge of quite an operation. Daniel tells him what he is looking to build to check the quality of some natural products and the chemist became excited about his ideas. May he should go to college or maybe not. Who knows.

That is just a little insight behind our president, chemist, inventor of all thing Blue Lab.